600 final WBC rosters including 8 big league MVPs revealed

The list of 600 players from 20 countries who will participate in the World Baseball Classic and WBC next month has been released.

More than half of all players belong to the major leagues, and eight former big league MVPs are included

. The final 30 players of the Australia national team, our first opponent in the first round, which aroused curiosity as the roster has not been released so far, has been released. They include Aaron Whitefield, but most of the rest are from the US minor leagues, but play in their home leagues. Experts picked these two players as Australia’s notable players, while mentioning Edmon, Park Byeong-ho, Kim Kwang-hyun, and Kim Ha-seong as the Korean team players. At the same time, he explained that Lee Jung-hoo is a key player for Korea to make up for 메이저사이트the slump in the recent two rounds of elimination . It will be an opportunity to advance again.] The Japanese team, which is considered the third favorite after the Dominican Republic and the United States, predicted Masataka Yoshida, who joined Boston at the end of last year after receiving 113.7 billion won for five years as the core of the attack.

[Chris Young / Baseball commentator, former MLB player: Masataka hits the ball with power where he wants. His ability to narrow the strike zone and hit the ball with the bat is excellent.]

Darvish Yu, one of the leading candidates for the Korean War, signed a contract with his team San Diego for 136.5 billion won, or $180 million, on the day the roster was officially announced. In

the WBC, in which 20 countries participate, more than half of the 600 players belong to the big leagues, and 8 ‘stars of stars’ who have won the MVP award, such as Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, are also included

. YTN Kim Sang-ik.

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