‘6 wins in a row → 7G and 1 win’… Newcastle, which has been going well, is shaking

Newcastle United’s decline is not unusual.

Newcastle became a different team last season with the Saudi Arabian capital on their backs. After the appointment of coach Eddie Howe, performance and performance improved noticeably, and a large number of quality players were recruited amid astronomical investment in funds. Newcastle, which has built a frame, has created a sensation this season. Their solid organization was outstanding, and with the resurgence of Miguel Almiron and Callum Wilson, offense was secured. Threatening the upper ranks, they placed in the top 4.

Lately, Newcastle have been struggling to win. They have only 1 win in the previous 7 league matches. There were too many games to lose points with 1 win, 5 draws and 1 loss in 7 matches. This contrasts with the win in the previous six 슬롯사이트matches. In the previous game against Liverpool, he suffered a 0-2 loss and bowed his head. It was their first home loss this season. If limited to league losses, it was the second loss of the season, and it was the first loss in about six months since September 1st (Korean time). Coincidentally, all of them were defeats by Liverpool.

The problem is scoring power. Only 3 goals in 7 matches where there was only 1 win. Almiron, who showed explosive scoring ability, seems to be slowing down a bit, and Wilson’s playing time was inconsistent as he suffered an injury. Alexander Isaac, who was recruited with a transfer fee of 70 million euros (approximately 97 billion won), is only scoring three goals. In terms of team scoring, it is ninth overall with 35 goals in 23 matches. It’s a mid-level scorer, but because of this, it’s having a hard time going up.

In the match between Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United, played after the defeat against Liverpool, Tottenham won 2-0 and lost fourth place. Since they have played one game less than Tottenham, they can rise to 4th place at any time, but the atmosphere is lower than when they won consecutive games, and Newcastle fans are anxious. Nick Pope, who showed a good save against Liverpool, fell out and suffered a full blow.

Newcastle, which is sluggish in the league, will play the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) final against Manchester United in about a week. Newcastle, who are on a trophy hunt for the first time in a while, will hope the defeat against Liverpool doesn’t affect them.

After the match against Liverpool, Howe said: “I don’t think we’ll be hit hard by the loss. No one wants to lose, but fighting with 10 people was difficult. It will certainly motivate you.”

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