‘6 goals, 6 help + one-man show’ Lee Kang-in, good job, buyout rise? ‘23.5 billion → 35 billion’

Am embarrassed. After a good performance, the buyout went up.

Spain’s ‘Marca’ reported on the 9th (Korean time), “Lee Kang-in has become more expensive than a season ago. His starting price is 25 million euros (approximately 35 billion won). Lee Kang-in’s buyout depends on the performance of the game.” .먹튀검증

“Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee rose considerably as he performed tremendously, including 6 goals and 6 assists in La Liga in the 2022-23 season. According to our findings, the buyout last summer was 17 million euros (approximately 23.5 billion won), but After this, it soared to 25 million euros.”

Lee Kang-in had the most splendid season in his career. He scored 6 goals and 6 assists in 36 Spanish La Liga games (2,843 minutes, 33 starting games), posting the most appearances and most attack points in a single season in his personal career. He left a milestone in La Liga as a Korean league player.

During the development of Mallorca, it was impossible without Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in was involved in all directions, going back and forth from the side and center. He led the offense through his passing ability as well as the league’s best dribbling skills. His collaboration with Vedat Muriki (15 goals), the highest scorer in his team, was also the best. In particular, the dribble item stands out. According to the soccer statistics media ‘Sofa Score’, Lee Kang-in ranked second in dribbling success (90 times) after Vinicius Junior (112 times, Real Madrid).

As a result, Spain’s ‘As’ was selected as the best midfielder in La Liga for the 2022-23 season. The media said, “Lee Kang-in was the best midfielder. The Korean midfielder playing for Mallorca showed great talent with scoring and assisting. He already showed part of the football repertoire at Valencia last season. Lee Kang-in felt his importance in Mallorca, He showed his true qualities and recorded 6 goals and 6 assists during the season. Mallorca were able to finish in 9th place thanks to not only Bedat Muriki’s goals, but also Lee Kang-in’s dribbling and goals. He scored 220 points in the ‘As Score’ this season. earned”, he said.

As a result, a transfer was announced this summer, but the situation was complicated by the absurd buyout. Lee Kang-in inserted a buyout while signing with Mallorca, but there was volatility. Marca explains that the buyout increases according to the performance of the game. This is the worst condition for players.

Atletico Madrid, which is trying to recruit Lee Kang-in, is preparing for ‘player + cash’ because it cannot pay the full buyout. Spain’s ‘El Goal Digital’ said, “Director Andrea Berta sought various solutions to reach the signing of Lee Kang-in. After many discussions with President Enrique Cerezo, they came to the conclusion that they are trying to exchange players. Atletico Rodrigo Riquelme We hope to lower Lee Kang-in’s price by using .

Spain’s ‘OK Diario’ also explained, “Atletico delivered the first official offer to Mallorca. Atletico’s opening bid included money and players.” The composition includes Riquelme in the transfer fee of 15 million euros (about 21 billion won).

Fortunately, Atlético did not withdraw from the signing of Lee Kang-in, but the high buyout continues to hold back.

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