’17P 8R’ Woo Sang-hyun “I will be confident in the next Yonsei University match”

Woo Sang-hyeon (189cm, G)’s confidence led Kyunghee University to victory.

Woo Sang-hyun of Kyunghee University led the team to a 60-48 victory by recording 17 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League match against Hanyang University held at Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium on the 24th.

Woo Sang-hyun said,안전놀이터 “It feels good to win. It was an important game that depended on whether or not this game could leap to the upper middle ranks. Still, I think we played well because we prepared well for a week,” he said of his victory.

Kyung Hee University had a lot of fun using a 3-2 regional defense at the beginning of the game. He easily solved the game by inducing 8 turnovers in the first half alone. Kyung Hee University reduced Hanyang University’s field goal success rate in the first half to 23% (6/49) and took a 16-point lead (37-21).

Regarding Kyunghee University’s 3-2 regional defense, Woo Sang-hyun said, “We usually use the 3-2 regional defense, but this time we came up with it because we wanted to prepare against Hanyang University. I prepared in advance with the director,” he said.

However, Kyung Hee faced a crisis in the third quarter. While the score was only 7 points, Hanyang University gave 22 points and allowed a one-point gap (44-43) to pursue.

Regarding this, “Anyway, we were too behind at the beginning of the third quarter, so we shrank ourselves. As a result, the score was low and the game was difficult. If I had to give an excuse that wasn’t an excuse, I ran too much in the beginning, so there was no physical burden. It seems that there was a regretful appearance in that part,” he explained the sluggishness in the third quarter.

Nevertheless, Kyung Hee University won the victory by demonstrating its backbone in the final 4th quarter. Woo Sang-hyun said, “We didn’t work out well in the third quarter, but it wasn’t a situation where we lost the lead to the opponent. So, even if the shot didn’t go in in the 4th quarter, the players talked about not losing only the defensive rebound. It seems that that part was done well and led to victory.”

Woo Sang-hyun gave the team victory by hitting three 3-pointers in the right place on the day. Even when the opponent’s defense made perfect contact, he confidently climbed up and made a successful shot.

Woo Sang-hyun said, “There is no secret, and I try to shoot as I practiced. And even if the director, coach, and colleagues don’t go in, I tell them to shoot with confidence. So, when he shoots, he shoots with confidence, just like in practice, and it seems to have gone in well,” he explained.

Finally, “I think I got a chance to rebound through this victory. The next game is against Yonsei University. Since we are a university team just like us, we will not lower our tails and will try our best to achieve good results through strong defense and fast basketball as we do.”

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